Making Our Own Happy Mementos

Family trips may not be free of conflict, but the memories of time together can often outweigh troubles. I learned this lesson after my youngest daughter created her own souvenir of our trip to a lavender farm in Tasmania.

Tassie Road Trip: A Fragile Patchwork of Landscapes

Our family drive from the west coast to the east coast of Tasmania had me singing the praises of its natural wonders. Yet, I also discovered that much of it could disappear unless we humans face the music on how our lives affect the world around us.

Tazmazia: A Puzzle of a Place

Today we checked out a quirky playground in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. Tazmazia and the Village of Lower Crockpot boasted having the world’s largest maze complex. We tried several of the challenges, and checked out the miniature sculptures.

People‚Äôs Park: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Fight or a little flight? My family and I wondered how to best settle differences during a vacation in Tasmania.