A Sensual Trip to the Airport

Security screening never felt this good.

by Dulce Zamora

It’s our Fall Break! Our family vacation started at Changi Airport Terminal Four, where checking in and security screening felt more like sightseeing. The terminal has a petal theme, with floral designs meticulously infused in everything from ceiling, to walls, to seats, to signs, to carpet. The centerpiece of this airy, expansive space is the Petalclouds, a kinetic sculpture of rings gliding to music. Below are a few images of the artistic landscape.

Petalclouds is a kinetic sculpture at Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 4.
The dance of the Petalclouds happens between the departure terminal and the boarding gates, and above the baggage claim area.
The loft-like, open space design with windows on all sides (except the floor) seamlessly blends the modern and the natural world.
The jungle stone relief is a digital animation that makes the airport security screening process feel more like sightseeing. The animals within take turns moving while a small stone butterfly flits throughout the image.
Petal power from top to bottom
The aesthetics of this boarding gate area make traveling a sensual experience.
Even the shadows on the seats reveal a petal design!

I have to admit: Changi’s Terminal Four put a smile on my face, which wasn’t easy considering how stressful the last few weeks have been at home and at work (but that’s another story). There is definitely something to being able to create an environment that fosters positive wellbeing. There are a ton of books on the subject and I recently attended a workshop on the subject. This motivates me to clear up the clutter, to rearrange our space, and to showcase small elements that bring about smiles. Perhaps we cannot control what happens in the world, but we can create a safe, nurturing space within our walls (and mind).

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