Windswept Wildflower’s 20/20 Vision

Ringing in the New Year with perspective on the past, a panoramic view of the present, and a fearless eye on the future.

By Dulce Zamora

My family and I are ringing in 2020 by the San Francisco Shipyard, which was once a private dock, an old naval base, and an artist’s colony. In the future, it is planned to be a retail and artist space. I am amazed how many times this area has changed and continues to transform. It reminds me that resilience is a part of life.

Another decade has come and gone, people and moments have flitted in and out of our lives. And we are still here, ripe for the changes we seek. Will we take the chances that are before us? Will we risk discord to finally do what makes our heart sing? Will we push past fear to be the person we want to be? To do the thing we always wanted to do? Will this be the year when we open ourselves up to love? What about loving ourselves enough to honor who we really are?

No matter what we want to do or be this year, I think it helps to remember that we are resilient. We can adapt to change and survive rejection, failure, and loss.

My wish is that we have courage.

Happy 2020, my friends. Let this be the year and be the decade we envision for ourselves and the world.

Here’s to a fearless new year.

Explore the love within.

Explore the love in the world.

Explore the love together.

© 2019 Windswept Wildflower

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

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